Maarten Park

Maarten Park is quickly becoming a reality! With the generous donations from friends, family, and the neighborhood and church community, we are now able to move forward with procuring the play structure. Fingers crossed, it is our hope that the park will be ready to go in early June!


With great thanks to our neighbors John and Conner Mullan at Play Creation PlayCreation - Northwest Commercial Playground Equipment who have generously provided an incredible amount towards the play structure and are volunteering their time to manage the project, the play structure will be ready to assemble in June!


We can still use more help! In the spirit of building community and to keep costs to a minimum, we will be having numerous volunteer opportunities - for the preparation of the site where the structure will be, and for the assembly of the structure, which John and Conner will oversee.


Saturday, June 1 will be the Maarten Park Community Build Day! Come on out, roll up your sleeves, meet your neighbors, and enjoy burgers and pizza - and we'll build a playground together! Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more info on signing up!

Lastly we could still use some additional funding, to help with some of the "extra's", such as, a sign, park benches, flower beds, and ongoing maintenance. The best way to donate is at the Church website, link below:


If you choose to pay through the website please send us an email letting us know your gifting goes to the park so we can make sure the funds go to the right place.

One last thing, this dream of a Park, has taken many ups and downs, and rights and lefts to get to where we are, not to mention arriving at the name, Maarten Park. We hope in the future to record a brief podcast, giving the community a sense of how we got here. 

If you have any questions or thoughts you can contact Pastor Shaun at: