We are a Small… Quirky... Neighborhood…. Church

we are Small

Likely not what many Churches would choose to highlight, but we are not “many” churches. We are a group of folks from different backgrounds, and different walks of life who seek to share life together around the mysteries of faith. 


One of the traditional ways we live into this mystery is by gathering together on Sunday mornings to sing, read, pray, reflect, listen, laugh, lament, question, disagree, and confess. 


On any given Sunday we are likely to have 25-50 folks ranging from our seasoned veterans to the young kiddos who often inject energy into our gatherings with laughter and diansor roars. 

We are quirky

One of the phrases that has lovingly been used to describe us is the island of misfit toys. (please tell us you get the reference…) 

If you were to peel back the layers of the proverbial onion a bit “quirky” carries with it layers of meaning. 


Certainly the different personalities and stories that come together make for an odd mix at first glance, but quirky for us represents our best attempt to lean into these differences, embracing the uniqueness of each one who for an hour on a weekend or for a season of life calls this faith community their home. 

We live in a neighborhood

The Morgan junction neighborhood of West Seattle is where we call home. It is our hope that as a people who participate in the rhythms and practices that make up a faith community, we would live as good neighbors in this space we have been blessed to inhabit. As such it is our hope that we would be a blessing to those around us, as we find this neighborhood and the folks who call it home a blessing to us. To that end we give ourselves to various projects, such as: a community park, movies in the park, a community garden, and playspce. You can find out move of each of these in other places on the site. 

we are a church

We are a Church, the Body of Christ. We understand and acknowledge that this comes with much “baggage” in this cultural moment. We lament the ways the Church, both historically, and in our own moments have not lived into our best selves, our highest calling, which we would say is to love. 


And yet as a people who have this deep sense of this great mystery, we hope to find life in the coming together around this Christ mystery, finding that there is something about the mystery itself, alive in us, that will be experienced as a means of grace to those around us.